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Y.D. Gapim


YD Gapim specializes in producing all kinds of prostheses using the most modern and advanced technologies on the market.

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2OrthopedicsFoot Support

Experts in building custom insoles and the use of advanced technology by German computerized scanner.

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3OrthopedicsShelf products

YD Gapim specializes in matching customized accessories and any shelf products with no compromise on product's quality.

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We plan to keep introducing our craftsmanship and vision wherever is needed around the world.

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Welcome to Y.D. Gapim website!

YD Gapim Ltd. | Advanced Orthopedics Center

The company was founded by experienced orthopedic services with 40 years seniority in orthopedics and production of prosthetic devices with emphasis on professional and courteous service.

We at YD Gapim, have a goal to serve the disabled community in orthoses and prosthetic with a personal attention to the need of the patient, from the moment of hospitalization until their return to the community while educating the patients and their families and providing the appropriate solution.